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Do you find your hair color to be dull and boring and this definitely affects your looks and you feel tired and exhausted from within? Why not come to Noelle Salon for a consultation about the right hair color for you and then you can go ahead with the best option. Whether, your looks will change with Ombre, Sombre, Ecaille or Baby lights, our experts can guide you best about it, off course, after they have tested your hair type.  

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You might prefer subtle shades with mild highlights or might want to get bold and gorgeous hues with prominent highlights. Whatever, your choice, Noelle Salon has the appropriate solution lined up for you, something that will compliment your looks, lifestyle and fashion statement. We don't just have skilled hair therapists, we ensure that they are also the best specialists in terms of coloring your hair. With their level of expertise, they have a clear perception of how hair color can influence a person's appearance almost singlehandedly.


In fact, recent studies show that your hair color plays a more pivotal role in creating your image and impression for other people, even before your dress and other factors like your makeup or personality. Noelle Salon is ideally reputed for creating the right impression with the appropriate hair color and this they can do both with and without extensions. We use the latest trends and products in the hair styling industry. We also specialize in correctional solutions for hair color.


You are always entitled for a free hair consultation and our skilled color specialists do a strand test for you to recommend the color that's perfect for you not only in terms of looks but also in terms of quality and compatibility with your scalp. We are not only the best hair colorist in the industry we also offer best affordable hair color in Boston so that our clients don't feel upset with the pinch in their pockets just to get a new glamorous look.

Whether you are looking for best hair straightening in Boston or hair loss solutions in Boston, Noelle Salon with its unbeatable dedication and perfection is already one of the most trusted names in the industry. If you are looking to don the Ecaille colors for your hair then you need to understand that it is a multi-toned color that begins with more subtle dark roots towards the lighter tones towards the ends giving them a more natural appearance.

Balayage is more of a free hand coloring process where colors and bleach are mixed together by a skilled colorist. In Ombre hair color type is mostly applied on dark hair types so that it can be made to look lighter once the coloring is over. Sombre hair color is also known as the subtle Ombre coloring style. This is a new version actually where we start working with dark shades in roots and move towards keeping the ends lighter. Baby lights is another popular multidimensional coloring process where smaller sections of hair are highlighted and mid lights are created to give you that perfectly natural and baby fresh look.

Bleaching can have disastrous effects of you don't get it done by an expert. At Noelle Salon, our experts apply the best in class scalp bleach products including olaplex that helps prevent hair breakage. You can also go for the fun shades where we use the metallic hues, bright gem tones and silvery tones to give you a funky and a completely new look.


Get in touch with us for a free hair consultation and find out what color suits you best.

Multi-tonal color that start with subtle darker roots to lighter
natural ends. We face frame with a highlights or balayage.
A free hand hair painting technique mixing colors
& bleach, achieved by and expert hand and colorist.
Dark to light hair color a dramatic effect.

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"Subtle Ombre"  A newer version of ombre hair color
​that begins with dark roots and gradates to soft light ends
Baby lights: 
A multidimensional foiling technique with small sections of highlights & mid lights to create a perfectly natural sun kissed look.
Bleach and tone: 
Bleaching can be a disaster if not applied by an expert. 
We use the finest quality on scalp bleach and Olaplex to prevent breakage

Fun Color:  Vivid gem tones, metalics, pastels and silvers.

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