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Semi Permanent Eyelash Extensions made of human hair, will give you Starlet Eyes. Individual Eyelash Extension Bonding - The results are amazing - get the long eyelashes you've always wanted!  The process takes approximately one hour and can last over one month. Our eyelash extensions can be worn for extended periods until your own lash completes its life cycle.

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Benefits of Semi Permanent Eyelash Extensions

No Mascara or Clumps
No  clusters
Natural looking
Eyelash Extension Prices start at $75.
How it works:

We literally apply one of our lashes that you select in length to one of your own lashes.  The end result are long and thick lashes that look perfectly natural.  Xtreme Lashes are the best in the industry using only FDA approved adhesives.  Our eyelash extension technicians are trained and have applied thousands of eyelash extensions.  You can swim, exercise and
live an active lifestyle.

Since you own lashes shed, we suggest 2 to 4 week touch ups to replace the shedded lashes.  We do not apply the eyelash extensions to your skin, but to the base of your own eyelash and this allows your own eyelashes to grow
in healthy.


We will clean your entire lash area and we tape down the lower lashes and apply the eyelash extensions to your own eyelash.

After application it is best to not steam or shower for 24 hours.

Everyone will be in awe of your gorgeous eyes!

We offer free consultations and offer great prices!