Hair loss in men is a multi-billion dollar industry.  Not all men look fabulous with bald heads and some prefer not to shave their hair.  A popular approach is Hair Transplantation, this is not a one shot deal, most men have an average of 5 transplant sessions per year.  In 50% of the cases, the hair follicles transplanted do not take because their donor hair is not strong enough.  After several attempts, they are left with a tremendous scar at the back of the head from where the donor hair is extracted.

Unfortunately, hair transplantation is not an exact science, but what does work is hair systems for men.  Over 40% of our clients have already experienced failed hair transplants. 
We guarantee a full and natural head of hair for our male clients and we customize our hair systems to their heads exact size and their desired outcome.

Unlike "Hair Clubs"  you do not sign contracts that can exceed $10,000 per year!  We work with your hair on an "as needed" basis, and we have many methods of attachment from gluing, taping and locking.  We offer free and private consultations and are up on the latest trends in men's hairstyling
Scar from several hair transplantation attempt
Failed Hair Transplant