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As Hair Extensions grow in popularity, more companies crop up selling hair ~ most likely from animals.  Do you want to Buy Hair Extensions Cheap?  Well you can at Noelle Salon!  I hate the word "cheap!" but our extensions are cheap in price, but not in quality!

There are many websites claiming that you can buy hair extensions cheap, in most case the hair is of inferior quality (Asian hair), the weight of the strands are is less than they should be and the hair is not REMY (which means the cuticle is all going in one direction).  Remy Hair does not tangle in the way non-remy hair does.

Example of properly applied fusion hair extensions!

Buy hair extensions cheap from Noelle Salon and receive top quality.  Our current special consists of:

Where can I buy Hair Extensions Cheap?
at Noelle Salon!

Finest quality Remy Hair 22 inch length/Wavy Texture
Only $43.75 per bundle of 25 pieces! Half the price of our competition

1.0 gram
Italian Keratin tipped hair
22 inches!!!
For only $1.75/per strand or $43.75 per bundle!!!! 

NO WHERE is the price offered in the market and the Italian Keratin Adhesive is the finest quality and strongest method of attachment out there! Ask yourself the question where can I buy hair extensions cheap ~ but the finest quality and bang for the buck??  at Noelle Salon!

Fusion Hair Extensions are tension free and the way to go when applying hair extensions to your clients.  I can help you learn more about the industry, by purchasing my school kit online with my own DVD and Instructional Manual.  The kit includes everything you need to start in business. 

The market is competitive!  You must buy the best quality hair for the best price~  Buy hair extensions cheap only at Noelle Salon! 

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