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Ombre Hair Color is certainly not a new coloring technique, but one that has become more mainstream and asked for all the time by our clients.  I noticed Sarah Jessica Parker's dark roots on "Sex in the City" years ago, but the technique has taken a better twist.  The Ombre hair which means Gradation in French literally goes from dark roots to a bit lighter in color mid shaft and lightest on the ends.  This allows the client to have the best of both worlds in hair color; a blonde can still have a bit of dark around the face and a brunette can have a bit of light around her face.   The Ombre Hair Color technique is done by leaving a veil at the top root section and placing different shades of foils diagonally below the root.  I would not try this at home if you want the look to be natural.  

Drew Barrymore's take on Blonde Ombre Hair
I am sure there are some Hair Extensions in her hair!!!!

Giselle inspired the Ombre Hair Color

Hollywood Diva's are all sporting the Ombre Hair ~ it is kind to the complexion and kind to the hair.  After all there is not as much highlighting involved as there would be in a full foil.  You do not have to color your hair as often.  Ombre Hair Color will also add dimension to your hair making it look fuller and not limp!

Brunette/Blonde Ombre Hair Combination 
Softer on ones skin tone.  Perfect "Gradation" of color!

No Blah Brunette Here! 
Jessica Biel's perfect Brunette Ombre Hair 

I wear my hair in the Ombre Hair fashion and I strictly achieve the look with hair extensions.  I have a chocolate root, I use medium golden brown hair extensions on the mid-shaft of my hair and then I use a small amount of golden blonde hair extensions at the end of my hair.  I do not need to color my hair at all!!! Hair Extensions are a great way to try out this look and see if it works for you.  

I missed my Blonde hair ~ so I added gold and blonde extensions mixed with brown!
Noelle Spinosa

Ombre hair color is part of the visible root trend ~ kind of a easy going style that most clients prefer to wear straight or with a subtle wave.  We at Noelle Salon specialize in all the latest hair color techniques and trends.  You can come in for a free hair color or hair extension consultation and we help you determine which shades works for you.  Ombre Hair is the current look of the spring and I am sure the ends of the hair will get lighter as the summer approaches.  

Call us at 781-324-9779 or email and send me pictures of your hair.  I will respond to every email with pleasure.  

Ombre Hair Color ~ It's all worth it in the end...........

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