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At home hair color can be quite tempting, but I have seen more hair color disasters that take months to fix when one takes coloring their own hair into their hands.  Many of our clients hair color involves several formulas to make that perfect shade.  There is no one "cookie cutter" way to color hair.  Achieving hair color takes much experience that even some hair stylists do not have.


The natural color of the hair and the percentage of grey hair is a huge factor in color formulation.  Do not be deceived by the hair color of the model on the at home hair color box.  I spent hours doing a corrective color on a client with brassy roots and green hair.  She was a client with hair highlights both high and low lights that were expertly foiled.  She decided to give at home hair color a go.  She looked at a box color with a stunning sun kissed blonde model on the cover.  Color level 7 "Dark Ash Blonde."   She ended up with brassy roots on her natural hair and her blonde hair had a green hue.  Corrective color involves time, color removal, root correction, foils (sometimes) which all equate to a larger bill than normal at the end of the service.


Box hair dyes contain a high content of ammonia and peroxide.  You may not need such a potent formula and you will end up with very dry and damaged hair.  In the reverse, buying semi-permanent hair color will not cover grey hair. 

Running hair color from roots to ends will lead to color build up and lead to an uneven color that is dull and dry. I can spot a women from a mile away who uses at home color, especially those with black hair dye.  They consistently run the color through the entire hair shaft and their color is flat, lacking shine and luster.



Once the hair is colored and the color is not what you want, it is not so simple to apply another hair color on top of it.  This just leads to a darker version of the original color with lots of color buildup on the ends of the hair.  Unfortunately you can not lighten hair with hair dye, the color needs to be removed and please STEP AWAY FROM THE BLEACH.  There are many professional hair color removal products on the market that are far more gentle than bleach and will only remove the artificial hair color, without stripping the color out of the natural hair.  This whole process can render horrific results.


The other issue is that many box dyes contain metallic agents that are impossible to remove, especially on dark hair.  Professional products do not contain metallic dye. 


Some people decide to dye their entire head black to cover the multitude of errors.  Later, they feel the color is too harsh and want to lighten it up.  Enter the salon - black hair dye (especially when colored more than once) is a hassle to remove and can lead to dry and damaged hair. 


Please leave hair highlights to the professionals.  These at home hair color kits promise beautiful blonde highlights - instead the hair highlights are brassy.  Others decide to try foiling their own hair and the foils slip, leaving leopard spots all over the head.  It is extremely difficult, if not impossible,  to foil your own hair.  AND THE CAP! PLEASE NO...

Clients come to our salon seeking corrective color after pulling their hair through a cap (an antiquated hair highlight technique) and they bleach their hair from roots to ends.  The ends of the hair are broken, there are leopard spots on the scalp and the hair looks brassy and/or over processed and white like cotton candy.  Thank God for hair extensions because it is really the only way to give them back their hair or we would have to cut damage off the hair. 

My clients will tell me that the "lady that works at Sally's" told her that her hair would come out perfect.

Hair Color is much more than dumping color all over the head.  It should be left to the experts. That being said, you do not have to over pay for your hair color.  Seek a free color consultation and ask the stylist's about their hair coloring experience and feel comfortable about the salon and its reputation.  If you take color into your own hands, and you have a problem, the corrective color process will be far more expensive to fix.

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