One of the leading causes of hair loss in teens, young adults and adults is an anxiety condition called "Trichotillomania" also know as "Hair Pulling." People will pull out hair all over the head, lashes and brows. We at Noelle Salon are experts using Hair Extensions for Trichotillomania and it is our goal to deter hair pulling utilizing our Hair Systems and/or custom made Hair Extensions. If the hair loss is at the top of the head a Hair System will help to cover the hair loss area. Not only will you feel less self conscience, but our hair systems have been proven to help grow in hair by creating a barrier affect.  We never shave or glue the systems in place, instead we use locks or hair extensions to anchor.  You can live an active and exciting lifestyle.  We also use micro hair extensions to fill in the thinning areas. The result of hair pulling is traumatic and it is our goal is to put you at ease and just knowing there are others out their dealing with this and there are solutions will help you to stop pulling.
Our hair extensions for thinning hair, whether it be Trichotillomania, Alopecia or simply thinning hair, are affordable and performed in a private setting. We also have an array of vitamins and list of Behavioral Therapists that we work with to help us reach our goal for you to stop pulling. We are compassionate and well versed on the subject in people of all ages.

Our goal is to deter you from pulling your hair and our clients have a 70% success rate while wearing our systems/extensions and following our program. We offer these solutions at an affordable price. We are members of Most hair loss problems are covered by Insurance and we gladly will supply you with contracts and receipts. Just check with your health care provider.