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A major cause resulting in hair loss in people at different age groups is "Trichotillomania" which is also known as problem of hair pulling. This is primarily identified as an anxiety condition. Our experts at Noelle Salon take care of this problem by treating it through hair extensions. We aspire to prevent you from suffering from Trichotillomania with our unique techniques and custom made extensions.

How our uniquely designed Hair Loss Boston solutions help you


If you are experiencing the loss at the top portion of your hair then our uniquely designed Hair Systems are appropriate to solve the problem and help to cover the exposed area that has lost hair. Firstly you will feel more comfortable and less conscious about your looks. Secondly, our systems are tried and tested to offer better hair growth as they render a barrier like effect. We never shave the affected area or glue the systems to that spot. Instead, our technique is to apply locks or extensions to act more like an anchor. Our systems are so well defined that they don't effect your normal lifestyle. You can enjoy your lifestyle like before. Experience high quality Trichotillomania help Boston only at Noelle Salon.


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In order to fill the areas where hair is thinning we use micro extensions. Hair pulling is a painful process and attend Noelle Salon, we try to help you to get out of this habit and feel more relaxed as well help you to stop pulling hair out, causing hair thinning. The hair extensions solutions offered for hair thinning due to trichotillomania, alopecia or any other reasons, are quite affordable at Noelle Salon and this work is done in a strictly private setting. Not only this, we have a myriad of vitamins coupled with a number of top behavioral therapists working with us to help you relax and stop the habit of hair pulling at once. Our experts are very understanding and well versed in this issue while dealing with people of different age groups. We offer the best solutions for  Hair Loss from Medical conditions.


Till date we have seen maximum success rate with people wearing our extensions or systems and avoiding situations of hair pulling. Our solutions and programs are priced affordably. Since, we are associated with the we guide you better in this kind of situation. Majority hair loss issues are covered under insurance schemes and provide contracts as well as receipts of the treatment you go through. You just need to find out more from your healthcare service provider to know more.


We are the best Women Hair Loss Boston clinic and we offer tried and tested solutions for you.