The need for a wig can happen to any of us whether our hair is damaged to chemotherapy.  When faced with finding a wig, you need to be educated.  At Noelle's it is our goal to exam what our clients needs are in a wig, and find the right wig for their lifestyle, comfort level and personal style.

Searching the web for a wig can be arduous and most find what they receive is nothing like the picture.  At Noelle Salon, we customize our wigs for proper fit, blending and color.  We work with virgin hair and create a wig that personally suits you.  We do offer synthetic wigs and these work well on clients that need something light in weight especially after chemotherapy. 

The goal is to teach our clients how to maintain their wig and having it last.  There are many bases to wigs, and some can be clipped in place and others can be vacummed or glued.  Your lifestyle and ability to work with hair is a major consideration.

In some cases clients will have a prescription for a wig, we provide the proper documentation for reimbursement from your insurance provider.

We offer free and private consultations and stock a wide variety of wigs that can be customized to your exact desire.  We work with children, women, men and the transgender community.  Customizing your wig is the best way to get the result you want.