Can Black Dyed Hair Be Colored Blonde

 Can Black Dyed Hair Be Colored Blonde? The answer relies solely upon the type of dye and how often your has been dyed black.  If your hair was dyed with box color purchased from a drug store - then the odds of becoming blonde in one visit are null.  Most likely, with the proper procedure, you will be able to achieve caramel highlights via balayage or foiling.  

black hair dye balayage

Result on box hair color

If your hair was dyed professionally, but multiple times and the black dye has been run through your ends once or twice - you should expect to achieve a multi-tonal blonde achieved with highlights and/or balayage technique.  This process can take several hours.

Black hair dyed blonde

Result on Hair that was dyed black in salon, balayage multi-tonal blonde

If your hair been dyed black at a professional salon using professional colors once or twice - then the odds are greater to achieve platinum blonde or a very light blonde tone.  This is the best predicament since the hair dye should be easier to remove.  

platinum blonde hair

Result on hair dyed black one time, several hours later with heavy foil technique

Black hair dye is heavily pigmented and after several color removal processes we may be able to render lighter hair.  Keep in mind, the integrity of your hair is paramount since bleach will be used with color remover.  If your hair is damaged do not do this.

Also, do not try this at home!  Corrective color should be left to the professionals since we can properly gauge your hair porosity and know how to proceed.  Remember results vary since we do not know how your hair will react.  A professional salon will consult with your prior to color correction as well as performing a strand test.  Demand a strand test before proceeding to ensure best results.

How it works:

1)  Color remover is applied to your hair, this is a sulfur based solution that strips the artificial dye from the hair.  On healthy hair we can apply the remover up to 2 to 3 times.  

2)  After the color removal process the hair will look orange.  If the tone is even we can then proceed to bleach and tone for platinum blonde or a mix of highlights and lowlights can be applied to hair that has uneven color.

What you should know:

1)  Always ask for a consultation & be completely honest with your stylist as to how many times your hair has been colored.   Tell us if you used box dye or if your hair was dyed in a professional salon.

2) Your stylist should do a strand test to determine how your hair reacts before moving forward with coloring.

3)  Be realistic, achieving lighter shades may not happen in one visit.  View the process as a goal you are willing to work towards.

4)  Understand that this is corrective color and the price will be higher than standard coloring.

In my experience, the results vary from person to person but it is your stylists goal to keep your hair healthy and advice  what to expect.  Ask for the price before starting the process to avoid a costly surprise!  At Noelle Salon, we have created some miraculous transformations, feel free to check us out on social media and on our website.  I welcome any questions you may have!



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