Jan 4, 2022 4:37:00 PM

Are 6D Hair Extensions Good For Your Hair?

6D hair extensions are not a type of hair extension, but a method of hair extensions in which an extension tool is loaded with a row of very tiny hair extensions.  Hair is divided into rows, and the tool (gun) creates small sectioned hair extensions.  The problem with this application? Our hair follicle density varies in different areas of the head, therefore, an area of the head with high density will require a larger section and low density will require a longer possibly wider section.  I much prefer to create my own section based on my client's hair follicle density per square inch.  The 6D hair extension method is better for finer hair than thicker hair, but I feel the sections are too small to support hair extensions over the long haul.  The company claims that "anyone" can apply for your extensions, this is simply not true.  An expert understands the appropriate amount of hair to support a hair extension, and the areas of the head requiring more or, fewer hair extensions which creates a custom application.

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Jan 3, 2022 2:08:10 PM

Feather Hair Extensions Yes Or No?

In the mid-2000's feather hair extensions were all the rage when it comes to hairstyles! Many celebrities, including one of my clients Steven Tyler of Aerosmith fame, were wearing the plumage along with custom-made grizzly painted hair extensions.  The look was quite Bohemian as the resurgence of 1970's fashion immerged on the fashion scene.  The feather "Boho" extensions are predicted to hit the fashion scene in spring 2022, similarly to hair tinsel this past holiday season.  Many hair influencers on Instagram are donning hair feathers, a few posts from these heavy hitters can create an immediate fashion trend.

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Dec 31, 2021 9:56:07 AM

No Expensive Hair Extensions On Jerry Springer

The Jerry Springer show is known for catfights, hair pulling, clothes being ripped off, Jerry features the most salacious stories most involving torrid affairs and messy guests. Why do the guests still insist on wearing hair extensions on the show knowing that their hair will be ripped out from the root?  It's bad enough to have your own hair pulled out, but "ouch" hair extensions make it even worse.  One would assume most of Jerry's guests are paid to act trashy, but watching good hair be yanked from the scalp makes my heart bleed. 

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Dec 29, 2021 3:22:05 PM

10 Hair Growth Tips While Wearing Extensions

Many fear hair extensions will prevent their own hair from growing, actually, the opposite is true! Over my 25 year tenure as a hair extension expert, I have witnessed hair growth and healthier hair on my clients.  There are two caveats; (1) properly installed hair extensions (2) proper maintenance and hair care.  I attribute hair growth to people paying more attention to their hair while wearing hair extensions.  There are other factors that will help your hair to grow, so much so, that you may not have to wear hair extensions.  I have also witnessed that clients with damaged hair, had healthier hair after removing their hair extensions.

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Dec 28, 2021 7:45:28 AM

Hair Cut And Style Trends For 2022

The last few years, during the Covid pandemic, have made us re-think our haircuts and styles; seeking effortless hair. But, as the Covid vaccination is allowing for a more fruitful life, hair has become important again.  The new cuts and style trends vary from embarrassing natural curls and waves to sleek ponytails.  Below are some examples of the new 2021 hair trends.

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Dec 27, 2021 2:16:48 PM

How To Keep Your Scalp Healthy With Hair Extensions

Keeping your scalp healthy and clean while wearing hair extensions is so important. Many types of hair extensions are applied against the scalp, and this area, in particular, should be well cared for to avoid dandruff or mold.  Yes, mold can occur on your scalp if the hair is not washed frequently or is left wet/damp. These scalp issues do not arise with individual strand extensions such as; keratin bonded, and i-tip extensions, but do arise with heavier types of hair extensions such as hair weaves, hand-tied application, and tape-in hair.

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Dec 22, 2021 5:03:32 PM

What Is the Difference Between Hybrid Weft And Hand Tied Weft?

The questions are pouring in asking; "what is the difference between hybrid wefts and hand-tied wefts?" The new hybrid weft a.k.a. "Genius weft," is the second generation of weft extensions. Hand-tied wefts have been in existence for nearly two decades, years ago, we would use hand-tied hair to create individual strand extensions because of its superior quality.  

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Dec 21, 2021 7:16:39 AM

Can Hair Extensions Be Colored?

Most high-quality hair extensions can be colored, but they can never be bleached.  Bleaching hair extensions involves stripping the color, which will destroy the integrity of the extensions and the attachment i.e. keratin bonds, hand-tied hair, tape, pull-thru, or i-tip.   More importantly, using high lift color (high developer and ammonia)  on hair extensions is not recommended.  It is important to understand that hair extensions are previously decolorized and colored, therefore, lightening hair extensions will also create unusual hues in addition to damage.  Hair extensions are not colored with conventional hair color, instead, the color is achieved by using fabric dye (used on textiles).  The rules of hair color do not apply to hair extensions.  That being said, the best option to custom color hair extensions is to use deposit-only color, hair gloss, or semi-permanent hair color. It is important to perform a strand test on the hair extensions to ensure the coloring will render your desired result. 

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Dec 20, 2021 6:31:24 AM

What Hair Color Is Trending In 2022?

The most requested color for the new year is  called "ginger red!" There is much more to this multi-tonal color than one would expect; under different lighting, you will see notes of violet and copper which are often considered an unexpected color combination. As stylists, we are taught that there are two types of red hair color; orange-based or blue-based, in this case combing shades creates a subtle violet undertone.  

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Dec 17, 2021 7:08:56 AM

How To Apply Hair Tinsel

Hair Tinsel is back on the scene as the top hair accessory.  Add a little sparkle to enhance your hair color or more for a burst of glitter!  The holidays are a perfect time to play with hair tinsel, we also use fine strands of tinsel for brides and bridal parties by strategically placing the strands through an up-do. The latest tinsel will curl with your own hair creating illuminating locks!  Leaving the tinsel a bit longer than your own hair is also very en-vogue! 

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