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madison reed hair color exposed

Show Notes form Hair Matters Podcast sponsored by Noelle Salon, today we spoke of  Madison Reed and other at home colors! I actually purchased Madison Reed color, took their quiz to determine what color best suited me and I used it on my own hair!  The grey coverage was very poor and this is not an all natural product, in fact it can be more toxic than other hair dyes!  Additionally, I received a 1.7 ounce tube of color with a non descriptive developer - cost $30 with shipping, not really a deal.  Read on or listen to our podcast for details and options by clicking the link below

I'm sure you have heard the exuberant amount of "Madison Reed" hair color ad's from social media to radio. As a professional stylist and salon owner, I had to try it as well as testing how to purchase on their website. Their site is user friendly and they ask as many relevant questions pertaining to your hair as much possible which will help determine the best shade etc. This is far more helpful than buying a box dye at the drug store and thinking the shade on the box will be your end result, but hair dye is not one size fits all. I realize many people may not be able to afford salon hair color, but are you really saving a whole lot with Madison Reed? Their color kits can be a bit costly compared to purchasing a hair color at a beauty chain such as Sally's. A one time purchase is $30 and good luck with autos-hipping it is tough to cancel. . They do offer some professional advice via the site, , but without seeing your hair in person & knowing the exact chemicals you use, your hair density, percentage of actual grey, it can be quite difficult to say what will work best for your individual color needs. What I don’t understand is average salons charge about $50 for a true professional color, expertly matched with a wash and blow dry!

Balayage by our professional stylist Alycia

Now, if you have virgin hair (no color, chemical treatments) then using Madison Reed may be okay. What is not okay is if you have chemicals in your hair (which most of us do) and you are livid by the end result. That being said, in some of Madison Reeds videos they suggest running color from roots to ends - this is not a good idea on previously colored hair. Hair color does not affect previously colored hair, particularly darker shades. The end result may be uneven with light roots (on your virgin hair) & darker ends. If you are staying within your own color level - you may be fine with adding their hair dye, but you may be surprised that the tones are very warm.

Dig deeper and read the reviews about Madison Reed, not the reviews they sponsor, but from real clients.  They have experienced allergic reactions, low grey coverage and completely messed up the hair.

Is Madison Reed Natural?  No

Why does hair color have Ammonia - it is high in alkaline and opens the hair cuticle to allow hair color molecules to enter the hair, it also serves to acitivate the peroxide/developer

Instead of Ammonia they use Ethanomaline which some experience more

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