Jul 8, 2019 1:28:30 PM

what men think of women's beauty enhancements


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Dec 2, 2018 4:58:28 PM

how to create beach waves

How to create beach waves is super simple!  You may admire this effortless wavy style donned by celebrities, loose curls with semi-bended ends.  The below video shows how to create beach waves with just  a curling iron (or wand) , flat iron and hair spray.  Don't worry about using leave in products, such as sea salt spray which leaves hair dry, or crunchy gels/mousse. This technique also works perfectly on hair extensions!  Hair Extensions will hold a perfect curl especially if your own hair does not hold a great curl.

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Oct 3, 2018 1:25:14 PM

My Hair On Keto Healthy Hair

I had to share my experience about my hair on keto!  Ketogenic diet has received much acclaim over the years and 2 years ago I embarked on my keto eating journey.  For me, a person that is carb addicted, I found the diet to be a challenge.  Consuming albeit "healthy fats" seemed foreign if not insane!  I went into the eating program hardcore, following Stephanie Persons protocol which consisted of no cheese, virtually no nuts, very low carbs, moderate to low protein and lots of fat!  I also did not use urine keto strips, I used a blood glucometer & a blood ketone meter.  After several weeks,  I was in ketosis!  Although there are many versions of this diet which allow for cheese, milk and nuts, as well as higher protein - I followed Stephanie Persons protocol explicitly. 

My hair on keto healthy hair 

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Sep 18, 2018 5:12:21 PM

Holiday Hair Braids, Balayage, Blondes

Holiday Hair

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Sep 10, 2018 2:35:54 PM

Tips for Healthy Hair Start today

In a world full of hair products promising the cure for damaged or unhealthy hair - I had to write a give you tips for healthy hair start today!  These tips are inexpensive, easy and do not involve any fancy hair products.

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Aug 22, 2018 10:56:49 AM

Balayage Hair Color In Boston

While specializing  in balayage hair color in Boston, and working with tons of clients I have realized that there are some helpful bits of info that will assist you if you are considering balayage hair color.

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Jul 25, 2018 5:33:09 PM

Russian Hair Extensions The Best

Russian Hair Extensions are considered the gold standard of all human hair in the industry.  Russian Hair is rare to find since there are not as many donors compared to other countries such as China & India.  

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Jul 6, 2018 4:39:01 PM

Hair Extensions Not Just For Long Hair


Not true!  As a Hair Extension expert for nearly 20 years, many of my clients use hair extensions to add volume to their hair style.  Fusion hair extensions made of keratin protein is a wonderful way to bulk up fine hair, especially a short to long bob hairstyle or a mid-length hairstyle.  Fine and thinning hair benefit from micro fusion hair extensions; literally 10 strands can be added to small sections of hair and the illusion of more hair is created.  Don't overlook hair extensions if your hair is not thick enough to pull off a shorter hairstyle. 

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Jun 28, 2018 3:15:36 PM

No Heat Hair Styling

Heating tools such as flat irons and curl irons do the most damage to hair extensions and natural hair - throw them away.  For decades women relied on simple techniques for hair styling such as pin curls, velcro rollers, roller sets, hair wraps and twisting hair to create glamorous looks.  These are oh so perfect for the bride!

Throw away your flat irons which strip your hair cuticle leaving hair dry and void of shine.  Below are simple techniques to get the same hairstyles and keep your hair and/or hair extensions healthy.  Your hair is intended to last you a lifetime - so here it goes.

THE ROLLER SET will keep moisture in your hair and your hair will thank you for it.  Especially if you have invested in hair extensions which can damage easier than your own hair.

1) For fine and less frizzy hair; set hair dry in velcro rollers.  Velcro rollers will  add volume to your hair, promote shine and smooth the hair.  

2) For more dense hair textures and curly hair; wet set in hair rollers and set under an overhead dryer until the hair is 100% dry. Invest in an affordable overhead dryer that can be set on a table.   I find a wet roller set under a dryer the best for newly relaxed hair.  Avoid pulling and flat ironing after a hair relaxer.

Dry Set On Fine Hair & Wet Set On Natural or Relaxed Hair

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Jun 27, 2018 6:59:11 PM

Origin of Hair Extensions

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