Mar 4, 2019 2:54:34 PM

simple way to grow your hair & Trichotillomania

Simple Way To Grow Your Hair & Trichotillomania


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Feb 10, 2019 2:47:27 PM

trichotillomania awareness and Acceptance

Trichotillomania Awareness and Acceptance.  As a stylist working with hundreds of clients with Trichotillomania, I feel the need to share a story that may sound familiar to many.  A mother enters the salon with her shy daughter - they are both apprehensive to speak.  The young girl (approximately 13) is wearing her hair in a bun with a head band over the front of her hair.  Her mother explains that  her daughter has not let her hair down for over a year, and refuses to let her see her hair.  I take them to a private area, and brace myself, I believe her mother may not know the extent of the "issue" her daughter is having with her hair.  I ask them both if they have heard of  "Trichotillomania" a body focused repetitive behavior which involves pulling out ones own hair.  The mother seems to have some knowledge, but could not understand it.  The daughter sits silently as I ask permission to see her hair, she reluctantly agreed and I began to take off her scarf and ponytail.  Her mother was shocked as tears ran down her face.  The young girl just looked down in shame.

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Sep 10, 2018 2:35:54 PM

Tips for Healthy Hair Start today

In a world full of hair products promising the cure for damaged or unhealthy hair - I had to write a give you tips for healthy hair start today!  These tips are inexpensive, easy and do not involve any fancy hair products.

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Aug 8, 2018 3:44:07 PM

Trichotillomania Help in Boston

Trichotillomania Help in Boston at Noelle Salon.  

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