As a salon owner, trying to do the right thing by listening to Governor Baker's phased approach opening, I can't help but wonder if our clients will wait for us.  It appears that we will not open in phase 1 or possibly phase 2 (The Cautious Stage).  I have been juggling our clients appointments since March, and they have been very patient and understanding.  As May approached, many said our closure was ridiculous and they were coloring their own hair!  Many of our hair extension clients removed them, and worst of all our hair loss clients are suffering.

Many have asked us to travel to them or come to our houses, but we have remained vigilant & followed the rules.  Now, their patience has run out!  Many have told me they are going to travel over the border to New Hampshire for similar services.  This is where the chink in the armor appears, if clients travel across state lines we are looking at loosing them completely.  I can't say I blame them, many of our clients are working and do not want to work with "bad" hair.  Some may feel this is selfish of them, but why should they suffer?

Will Massachusetts Hair Salon Clients Wait For Them?

If salons follow protective guidelines and limit the amount of clients then why not allow us to open?  Maybe younger people can start working and we can open by age group.  Massachusetts has been hit hard by covid-19, but there are many people that simply want to have their hair done and trust we are taking similar precautions to that of a hospital.  I personally have invested thousands of dollars to ensure client & stylist safety by purchasing UV lamp sterilizers, disposable smocks, capes & towels, PPE creating barriers, and protecting the front desk with plexiglass.  

The sad truth is this is an unsustainable business model, the bills are  mounting and my landlord has been paid every month I have been closed.  It is no wonder Shelly Luther, the Texas salon owner arrested for her  opening did what she did!  There are a crop of stylists traveling house to house, I thought about it, but I was raised to follow the rules!  Right now I am thinking about breaking every one of them.



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Noelle Spinosa

Written by Noelle Spinosa

Noelle Spinosa has been hair stylist for over 25 years. She has been featured on television in Chronicle Magazine, Channel 7 News and the WB morning Show. Noelle has also been highlighted in both the Boston Globe and the Boston Herald for her in depth knowledge of hair extensions.